Golden Hemp Oil

Specifications: Full spectrum cannabinoids 80-90% (CBD 50%+)
If full spectrum oil with 60%, 70%, 80% content of CBD is needed, please inquire separately.

Core Advantages

· 100% natural extraction, industrial-scale production, stable supply
· Quality assurance (GMPC, ISO22716, KOSHER, HALAL)
· Third-party laboratory tested, total cannabinoid is 80-90%, THC< 0.2%
· Rich in minor cannabinoids (CBDV, CBG, THCV…) for Entourage effect
· Method HPLC. Heavy metals, residues and microbial meet the standards of CHP, JP and USP

【Appearance】Brown-yellow to brown-black viscous liquid, semi-solid or solid
【Solubility】Soluble in oil, extremely soluble in ethanol and methanol, insoluble in water
【Note】The product has high cannabinoids content, which can be crystallized after being placed for a certain time. It is a normal physical phenomenon. It can be used after being heated in warm water to melt
【Application】For scientific research purposes only, or as raw materials for downstream product development, or for sale in legitimate countries and regions abroad. Please note these products should not be directly consumed or used for clinical treatment in China mainland
【Source】Industrial hemp
【Storage】Room temperature, keep dry and away from light

We carry out scientific seed selection, breeding and cultivation worldwide around“Industrial Hemp”, and have a series of "Huoma No.1", a rare source of industrial hemp. We are actively researching the high phenol breeding of industrial hemp in cooperation with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. At present, the high-content cannabidiol (CBD) variety "Hanma No.1" has achieved seed license, which will continuously provide guarantee for the safety, consistency and stability of our products.

Safe Raw Materials

As a high-tech biological extraction and R&D company established in China, Hansu has the legal industrial hemp processing license issued by Chinese government. It has built a high standard industrial hemp plant extraction factory and scientific research base in Kunming that conforms to GMP standards and uses scientific and strict standard operating procedures (SOP) to control the entire production process, which provides a strong guarantee for product consistency, safety and effectiveness. Hansu extracts and separates the non psychoactive compound of cannabinoids (CBD) from industrial hemp by alcohol solution crystallization technology. The CBD cannabinoid extraction process patent has been authorized by the United States and won the international patent of cannabinoid extraction for China.

Professional Extraction

As a large-scale industrial hemp biological extraction and separation base in line with GMP standard, Hansu has achieved commercial production, which can extract and separate a variety of non psychoactive compound of cannabinoids.

Stable Production Capacity

Hansu can customize hemp leaf extracts like cannabidiol (CBD) and full spectrum hemp oil with content of 10% till 99% or above according to customers' requirements.

Diversified and Customized Products