Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Hansu) was invited into attend 19th CPhI China June.18th,2019. CPhI covered Leadership,Business, Networking,Recognition, Knowledge and Innovation. Hansu as the largest industrial extracting base of China attracted many partners on 1st day of 19th CPhI China.

In recent years, Lab studies of industrial hemp using have been expanded with the progress of legalization of industrial hemp. Many studies have shown curative effect that hemp extracts in  treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and inflammation caused by diseases (70% of diseases are caused by inflammation), which mean that hemp extracts would overcome a major breakthrough in rare, refractory diseases.

FDA approved the marketing of the first natural cannabis extract drug to treat severe epilepsy in children in June 2018. HMI Group leading research and development project Cannabis polyphenols tablets have been approved under the “ten diseases and ten drugs” project in Beijing. HMI Group has made great discoveries in CBD using anti-diabetes, pulmonary hypertension, anti-influenza and other aspects.

Hansu has built the industrial hemp plant extraction factory and scientific research base approved by Yunnan provincial government and public security department in Kunming. Hansu can extract many kinds of no psychoactive active ingredients from industrial hemp which is only factory can extract Cannflavin A and supplying highly competitive products to the world including CBD in different purity, 99% CBD Crystal, Water soluble CBD, full spectrum hemp oil. The annual processing capacity was up to 1000 tons of raw materials and 3 tons of CBD, which would lay a foundation for the future bio-pharmaceutical research.

Hansu showing products on CPhI China as follows,


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Water-Soluble CBD


Hansu is the CBD extraction industry standardizer designated by GOC (the government of China) which used the raw materials all from industrial hemp cultivation bases certified by the European Union providing a strong guarantee for the consistency, safety and effectiveness of the products, with scientific and strict standard operating procedures (SOP) to control the entire production. Welcome to our booth E5A72 to know more.

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