Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. (Hansu) received a U.S. Patent for METHOD FOR EXTRACTING CANNABIDIOL FROM CANNABIS on May 28th ,2019. (PatentNo.: US 10301242B2)

Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Hansu) one of subsidiary companies of HMI Group is a legal company on extracting of industrial hemp. Hansu has built the industrial hemp plant extraction factory and scientific research base approved by Yunnan provincial government and public security department in Kunming. Hansu approved industrial hemp extraction license by Yunan province narcotics control bureau conforming to GMP (Good Manufacture Practices) standards extracting & separating CBD from industrial hemp. CBD has been widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health industry, beauty industry and other industries.

Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) said “We cannot move an inch without a patent in overseas” HMI Group has declared over 90 domestic and international patents in the field of bio-pharmaceutics and health.

The patent US 10301242B2 will be as a key point to develop and enlarge the U.S. & Global industrial hemp market.

“It’s only a beginning of Hansu for overseas patent, we would be awarded more in the future”Peter Tan said.

The patent’s abstract as follows:

A method of extracting cannabidiol from hemp. The method may include the following steps: performing grinding and drying on an extraction part of the hemp to obtain crude drug powder; extracting the crude drug powder with 30-100% (V/V)ethanol to obtain an extracting solution: concentrating the extracting solution to obtain an extractum: performing water precipitation on the extractum to remove impurities, thereby obtaining a water precipitation solution: concentrating the water precipitation solution、 and adding 10-100% (V/V) ethanol to dissolve the obtained precipitate, thereby obtaining a precipitate alcohol solution; performing column chromatography on the precipitate alcohol solution: concentrating the eluate obtained by elution after column chromatography, and adding ethanol for supersaturation and dissolution to obtain a crystal: adding purified water or ethanol to wash the crystal, thereby obtaining a primary product: and uniformly mixing the primary product to wash the crystal, thereby obtaining a primary product: and uniformly mixing the primary product with purified water, and drying to obtain the cannabidiol.

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