Yunnan Hansu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (subsidiary of HMI Group, hereinafter referred to as hansu) is a high-tech enterprise established in China and specializing in the production of industrial hemp plant extracts. Hansu obtained the approval of Yunnan provincial government and public security department, invested in Kunming to build a large-scale industrial hemp extraction and separation base, which has passed the acceptance of Yunnan Provincial Drug Control Bureau and obtained the industrial hemp processing license.The factory conforms to the GMP (Good Manufacture Practices) standards, extracting & separating CBD from industrial hemp by alcohol - soluble liquid crystallization technology. Currently, CBD has been widely used in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health industry, beauty industry and other industries.


Hansu participated in the formulation of the industry standard for CBD extraction in China and controlled the whole production process with scientific and strict standard operating procedures (SOP), which provides a strong guarantee for the consistency of products. Production safety is the production concept that Hansu has always been adhering to. Product safety is the production principle that Hansu has always insisted in. Each gram of products can only be packaged and delivered after passing multiple inspection procedures. Hansu is equipped with advanced instruments and equipment such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, which is specialized in the detection of heavy metals and agricultural residues, and gas chromatograph, which is used to monitor and analyze solvent residues. Each test is carried out in strict accordance with international standards.


With industrial-scale production and stable supply capacity, Hansu can extract and separate 13 non-psychoactive components from hemp. At present, the industrial hemp extract products include full spectrum oil with different content of CBD, 99%+ CBD crystal powder, water-soluble CBD powder, terpenes oil and other varieties, which are highly competitive products in the global industrial hemp industry.


Hansu has industrial-scale production and stable supply capacity, with an annual processing capacity of more than 1000 tons of raw material.


Hansu extraction plant is a high-profile plant for monomeric cannabinoids. Together with Academician Yang Baofeng, President of Harbin Medical University, Hansu established the academician expert workstation and a team of internationally renowned scientists was invited to do the prospective R&D in the field of global plant extraction. The CBD extraction process of Hansu has been patented by the United States, laying a foundation for the future biopharmaceutical industry and providing reliable raw materials and technological guarantee to explore and conquer cancer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, epilepsy and other refractory diseases.

Key Project of "Science and Technology Entering Yunnan"
2017 Yunnan Science and Technology SMEs
2018 Yunnan National Science and Technology SMEs
2018 Yunnan High and New Technology Enterprises
2019 Private Small Giant Enterprises
Benchmark Enterprise of Chinese Industrial Hemp Extraction Industry
Demonstration Project of Yunnan Drug Control Bureau
Our Vision

Promote the development of China's industrial hemp industry and strive to "extract healthy elements for life"



· The CBD extraction process of Hansu obtained US patent authorization
· The application for DMF of Hansu CBD has been officially approved by FDA of the United States
· Hansu has been listed into Yunnan top 100 private small giant enterprises


· Hansu has been selected as the 5th batch of national science and technology SMEs in 2018
· Hansu was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise by Yunnan Province


· The Yunnan industrial hemp processing license was obtained, and 13 kinds of non psychoactive cannabinoids were extracted and separated on a large scale
· Hansu won the certification of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises of Yunnan Province


· GMP standard hemp extraction and separation base was launched
· Academician workstation was established
· Hansu was listed as the key project of "science and technology entering Yunnan" by the Ministry of science and technology.


· Hansu was established to enter the field of hemp extraction and processing.


· HMI Group was established, with the layout of whole industrial chain of hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical